Andrew Cull - Biography.

'A director who understands what it takes to genuinely scare and disturb'  Frightfest

Upon graduating, Andrew's first screenplay attracted the attention of BAFTA award-winning director, Philip Saville.  He went on to develop film projects with Hammer Films and Paul W.S Anderson's Impact Pictures and was invited to devise storylines and write for cult smash TV hit, '
Urban Gothic'. Alongside this, Andy ran a video rental store in South London, which boasted the largest horror collection in the UK.

In 2007 he created, wrote and directed YouTube sensation,
'In the Dark'. Ground-breaking and terrifying, it was the first YouTube real time horror and was released to fantastic critical and popular acclaim.
This was swiftly followed by his first feature, 'The Possession of David O'Reilly' (UK title - 'The Torment') cited by Bob Keen as 'The best horror script I have read since Hellraiser'. Written and directed by Andrew, starring Giles Alderson and Francesca Fowler and edited by Kant Pan, it quickly garnered much praise and enjoyed a UK theatrical and DVD release in August 2010 courtesy of Momentum Pictures. In the U.S, it was instantly picked up in May 2010 by IFC Films for its IFC Midnight On Demand, and DVD release in November 2010. It is currently showing at festivals around the world including most recently Cinefantasy International Film Festival, Sao Paulo and Sitges Film Festival, Spain, the world's No.1 horror and fantasy film festival.

'The Torment oozes creepiness' Rough Cut Reviews                  'The Torment is a triumph' Subba Cultcha

'A quality British horror film and well worth a watch. In the Dark. With the sound cranked up to eleven'

Following the phenomenal success of
'The Possession of David O'Reilly', Andrew is currently hard at work on his next feature 'Haunted' due to shoot next year.  A terrifying, supernatural horror reminiscent of Dark Water and Don't Look Now.

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